About Our Programs.

Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach that focuses on increasing meaningful, appropriate behavior while minimizing inappropriate behavior. ABA, like other sciences, must be correctly implemented to demonstrate lasting results. 

Assessments We Use

Some of the assessments used to evaluate and treat the children and adults we work with include:  The Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, the Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment Placement Program, the Developmental Assessment of Young Children, and the Early Start Denver Model. 


The Early Start Denver Model has a great deal of research and evidence to support this model as one that works very well to promote expressive and receptive language, gaining the attention of and attending to others, and other social-emotional skills. 


The Verbal Behavior Milestone Assessment Placement Program is a comprehensive assessment, curriculum, and skill tracking system that is rooted in the production of language. 

Why Functional Analysis?

A functional analysis is both part of the assessment process and treatment process. Functional analyses ensure that skills taught and learned through ABA will reduce challenging behavior by teaching appropriate replacement behavior. 

Why Functional Behavioral Interventions?

We find the best way to make progress with the individuals we work with is to partner with their families and ensure the needs of all persons involved are met. Our passion lies in the success of the families and persons we serve. 


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